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As a composer and conductor, I have combined classical music with a more modern approach typical of the American school, but even today, I compose pieces relying on the traditional method, using only a piano, a pencil, and paper.

My musical education combines the best of European and American styles.

I studied composition at the prestigious St. Cecilia Music Conservatory. I also attended the Film Scoring Certificate Program at UCLA where I studied composition and orchestration.


I have received many awards and distinctions, including the following: the “Italian Excellence” medal, granted by the Senate of the Republic of Italy, and the Green Card and US Citizenship per Extraordinary Ability, issued by the government of the United States.

I am recognized on the worldwide concert scene as a composer who writes and directs his own music, accompanied by my own orchestra, CentOrchestra, with which I have been working in both Europe and America since 2012.



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