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In the course of his studies, M° Gabriele Ciampi has combined classical music with a more modern approach typical of the American school, but even today, he composes pieces relying on the traditional method, using only a piano, a pencil, and paper.

His musical education combines the best of European and American styles. He studied composition at the prestigious St. Cecilia Music Conservatory. He also attended the Film Scoring Certificate Program at UCLA where he studied composition and orchestration.


He has received many awards and distinctions, including the following: the “Italian Excellence” medal, granted by the Senate of the Republic of Italy, and the Green Card per Extraordinary Ability, issued by the government of the United States.

Maestro Ciampi is recognized on the worldwide concert scene as a composer who writes and directs his own music, accompanied by his own orchestra, CentOrchestra, with which the Maestro has been working in both Europe and America since 2011. 


Maestro Ciampi is also a composer for Movie, Tv and Videogames. In 2012 his composition ROMANZA has been licensed by Bruce Weber for The New York Times Style Magazine "Good Morning, Matthias Schoemaerts".

Maestro Ciampi has written and directed the music for the performance of “A Christmas Carol” in 2012 in Moscow (in cooperation with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra) and in 2013 at the Parco della Musica Auditorium in Rome, thanks to which he was awarded the Italian Excellence medal by the Senate of the Republic of Italy.

In 2014 he published his album “The Minimalist Evolution”, which was presented in the same year in a concert in Los Angeles, in cooperation with the Italian Institute of Culture, and at the Parco della Musica Auditorium in Rome. 


In 2015 he performed in Washington at the White House for President Obama's family. The invitation for the concert came from the First Lady of the United States, and Ciampi was the first Italian composer to direct his own music at the White House for the traditional White House Holiday Tour.


In  2016 he had the honor of being able to personally deliver a copy of my CD to Pope Francis himself at the Vatican. In addition to this wonderful and unexpected honor, on January 1st 2017 he has performed in Rome (at the prestigious Auditorium Parco della Musica) a concert dedicated to the Pope.  This event took place under the Patronage of the Vatican and has been dedicated to the World Day of Peace


His piece Trio in B minor was written for and dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Republic of Italy and is included in his album In Dreams Awake, distributed worldwide by Universal Music Group.


In 2018 his new album Hybrid has been released worldwide by Universal Music Group.


With lyrics inspired by famed poet, Lord Byron, Gabriele Ciampi's "She Walks in Beauty" was composed by him to pay tribute to the heroes on the frontline of the current pandemic. This eloquent music video serves as a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel with the promise of a return to normal. The song  and the video have been released, worldwide, on May15th by Universal Music Group.


GABRIELE CIAMPI wrote INFINITO, his first soundtrack created for a book. The piece is the soundtrack of the new work (Holy) of the American photographer Donna Ferrato, which rattles the cage against the forces that prevent women's progress. Ferrato is collaborating with Ciampi because of his artistic sensitivity and his commitment to women's right.

The images of Holy combined with INFINITO becomes more than just music; reveals the ethics of love.  The music Video got featured in The Guardian

Watch the Video HERE

Ferrato_1994 Christy Rocky Mt 1-Edit-Edi

Released worldwide on 18th December by Universal Music Group, OPERA is Gabriele Ciampi's fourth Album. It was conceived during lockdown, written in three months, from May to July 2020, and produced between Rome and Los Angeles, working remotely with the musicians of his CentOrchestra for the first time.

Gabriele Ciampi says, “Opera is “My Opera”: my idea of musical Opera”.

For the first time, Ciampi himself plays the piano and synthesizer on this album, composing intense tracks with pencil and paper, harmonically diverse and complex but united by a single thread: a rigid classical structure sustained by contemporary and vintage electronic sonorities.

“This,” says the composer, “is my first really experimental albun where almost all the tracks have an electronic key in relation to the underlying classical structure.

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